Novatec is always on the lookout for next-gen technology

We provide our customers with cutting edge SoC hardware and value-added
software IP technology in order to help shorten time-to-market innovative products.


Novatec knows what our customers need to develop their product

Due to our abundant experience in creating networked products and products that handle digital content,
we understand the stumbling blocks and challenges that occur during the development phase.
This expertise helps us provide our customers with optimal solutions.


Novatec has a strong network of valued partners

We have strong partnerships with our business network partners that include domestic/overseas SoC manufacturers, SW vendors, and EMS partners in order to support our clients.


Novatec knows how to complete the project

We are trusted by many leading Japanese companies through our past experiences, and we can support our customers from any phase of the development, from planning, SW/HW design, and manufacturing.