nSmart Solution

The dawn of Internet of Things (IoT) has opened a myriad of new services and business opportunities like none other. We have solutions that can help customers to launch new products and services with IoT technology.


There are 3 types of software to Novatec’s nSmart Solution depending on the client’s needs:
nSmart @home, that controls IoT devices within the home,
nSmart @mobile, the application to enable control from mobile devices,
and nSmart @cloud, that can connect to a third party cloud service.

Software Feature (Examples)

nSmart@homeMultiple RF (Z-Wave/ZigBee/WiFi)Hodaka
Hodaka-Lite (Use Azusa)
Embedded system (Use Azusa)
Device management (add/remove)
Scene management (simultaneous control of multiple devices)
Timer (periodic scene control)
Event management (scene management depending on events)
Notifications (email notifications)Under development
Stats (statistics of usage frequency over a period of time)
Cloud I/F(XML Based)
Web UIfor PC/Mobile Browser
Various settings (network settings, controller info)
nSmart@cloudControl of nSmart@home
Web UIfor PC/Mobile Browser
Manage multiple controllers
nSmart@mobilenSmart@home, nSmart@cloud appsSupport iOS